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Lake Travel Website Adds Moderator Feature

LakeLocate.com, a website dedicated to lakes and the leisurely opportunities on the lakes, has recently added a new feature to further improve the visitors’ on-site experience. In order to engage the members and update the content, the site has added the moderator feature. This feature is very similar in style to how Wiki works. Members of the community will be able to apply to become moderators for its lakes. This is a very simple and straightforward process. Moderators are able to update content provided for a lake. With the help of local knowledge and expertise, LakeLocate.com will be able to provide more accurate and updated information for its lakes.

The website, which is a community driven portal, boasts over 70,000 lakes in the USA. Searches can be performed in various ways to locate a particular lake using keywords, states, distance from a particular zip code and size of the lake. For each lake, lots of useful information is provided. Visitors can look up restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, golf courses, state parks, fishing information, and other helpful information. In addition, there is a blog, which is regularly updated with fresh content. These blog posts are a great resource for getting an idea for the next lake vacation, or simply to enhance your knowledge about lakes and traveling to them for leisure.

The peaceful and tranquil surroundings of lakes often become a great place to get away for either a short day trip or an extended family getaway. With lakelocate.com you can find the more popular places and read non biased information in order to decide where to visit.

Although any one can visit the site and obtain most information about the lakes, you do have to be a member to fully utilize the information provided. Membership to the community is free. Members can post reviews about a lake, they can view information regarding campgrounds, golf courses, vacation rental opportunities. Members are also able to maintain their own personal page with their basic personal information, pictures, list of friends, and list of favorite lakes. By joining the community and taking advantage of the new moderator feature, anyone can get involved, and help update the content provided by LakeLocate.com.

Visit: http://www.lakelocate.com/

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