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Street artist Banksy invades US before Oscars

UK street artist Banksy, the artist that nobody has been able to put a name to since he first appeared on the art scene with his street graffiti back in 1990, appears to have taken his work to LA before the upcoming Oscars.

A documentary about the elusive artist entitled “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is up for the Oscar for Best Documentary after it was premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where it was billed as the “world's first Street Art disaster movie”.

Pieces of street art created in prominent locations in Los Angeles have now been popping up all over the place with insiders pointing the finger firmly in the direction of the renegade artist Banksy who is thought to originally be from Bristol.

The first piece to be spotted in LA on February 16 was a depiction of Mickey Mouse grabbing the breast of a woman which is featured on a billboard opposite the offices of the Directors Guild of America on Sunset Strip.

Bloggers have also reported seeing a giant Oscar figure wearing a hooded top and standing on a red carpet alongside “Star Wars” like storm troopers and a young boy with a machine gun filled with colourful crayons.

Another piece of graffiti street art bearing all the hallmarks of a Banksy piece in LA is reported to be a Charlie Brown like character looking to set something on fire as the artist apparently targets iconic American images in his works before the Oscar ceremony.

There has been no word fro the Banksy camp as to if he is responsible for the works which are raising eyebrows state side although perhaps an answer will be given at the Oscar ceremony to be held in LA on February 27.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 February 2011 20:49 )  

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