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Rick Otton Launches Free Report On UK Property Investing -- The Big Property Lie

International property investing expert, Rick Otton, has taught thousands of people how to create profitable income streams with property, even in a troubled economy, even in the UK. He has now released a free report about the myths surrounding UK property investing.


Rick Otton has been successfully investing in property in Australia, the USA, UK and New Zealand for years - even in troubled economic times. He has now released a free report entitled ‘The Big Property Lie’ that reveals how UK property investing can become a reality, despite what the banks and media would have us believe.

Otton has spent years developing innovative property investment strategies that fit with the laws of each of the countries in which he invests, and created training programs that teach others to do what he does - make money with property, even in difficult economic times.

Buy A House For A Pound?

“If football clubs, banks and businesses can be bought for a pound, why not real estate?” asks Otton.

The way that Otton approaches UK real estate investing is unconventional, yet simple.

“And that” he says “is why it can be so hard for many to understand why more people are not buying property - my way”

“People have been conditioned to think that they must work hard, save for a deposit, and struggle for 25 or 30 years to repay a mortgage in order to own property - not so.” he says.

Mr Otton had been running We Buy Houses in the US and Australia for years, but found that he was continually being asked by people all over the world, particularly in the UK, if his methods work in their country. They wanted to learn more about the different, and profitable, ways he invests in property.

Answering the constant barrage of questions was absorbing too much of his property investing time, so he began creating educational and information products to satisfy the demand for information about his cash flow investing strategies.

Often he would hear from aspiring UK property investors that his methods would not work in the UK because of x, y or z. Most people were looking for reasons for why it wouldn’t work, rather than ways to make it happen.

Otton believes that “Success does not come to ‘glass half-empty’ people.”

But then, in 2001 one person from the UK recognized the potential - so much so that he took a plane to Australia to attend one of Mr Otton’s courses.

“He made £55,000 profit over the next 18 months” enthused Otton “just by following my course, to the letter.”

The Otton concept of ‘Buy A House For a Pound’ is not a new one. Recent history tells us that the Chelsea Football Club, Hull City and Swansea City were each bought for a pound. In 1995 Barings bank - was sold to ING for a pound. In 2006 furniture store MFI, yes, sold for a pound. In 2009 Honda Racking F1 -- one pound.

Free Video Tutorial

Mr Otton’s free report, specifically about UK property investing, ‘The Big Property Lie” has been designed help people in the UK understand his strategies, and to share the success stories of his students. In fact he will be in the UK in 2011 to catch up with his most successful students, and to begin mentoring new ones.

“Since I’ve been coming to the UK, the feedback I’ve received is sensational, and I am heartened to see so many of the people who have studied with me become such great successes. They appreciated me giving them the facts, without the hype, and without getting fleeced along the way.” he said.


For more information visit his website: rickotton or real estate

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