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Pipe Stress Analysis Services, Piping System Design, Stress Calculations

Outsource FEA Services has vast experience in the areas of Pipe design, Pipe stress analysis and Evaluation calculations for various industries such as Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Chemical plants, Power plants and others at competitive rates.

We have the aim to maximize the useful life of industrial equipments such as Pressure vessels, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Tanks and Piping structures for our clients in Gulf, USA, UK, Australia and across the globe. Learn more about our services at http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/stress-vibration-analysis.php

Areas of Expertise:

  • Piping Stress Analysis and Piping flexibility calculations for new piping systems for code compliance issues
  • Piping Stress Analysis and Piping flexibility calculations for existing piping systems for code compliance
  • CAD Design and Evaluation of piping systems based on API-570 and ASME/ANSI B31.3 standards
  • Calculation for Minimum safe operating temperature (MOST) and look into fragile fracture considerations
  • Failure Analysis to spot the root cause of failure for the failed piping or piping equipments.

Other services include:

  • Piping Vibration Analysis for stability of piping structures
  • Analysis of piping systems for corrections
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for piping and piping components
  • Fitness-for-service evaluations for piping systems to assure the structural reliability
  • Fatigue or Failure analysis to calculate the fatigue life of piping systems subjected to pressure cycles, temperature cycles and thermal cycles
  • Evaluation of piping systems to address piping issues that do not meet the original design intent of the piping or piping is subjected to new design parameters
  • Address typical piping problems such as distortion of high temperature piping, piping lifting off intended supports, piping with large thermal growth but no expansion loops present
  • Piping design analysis to ensure Mechanical Integrity of piping systems for various flaws such as generalized corrosion, blisters, laminations, bulges, dents, cracks etc.

Request FREE quotes or get answer to your queries Email us at info@outsourcefeaservices.com now!

Link: http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com

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