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Free Trial Of Medical Transcription Services: no-obligation free trial to new clients

Global MedData, Inc. has been established with the aim of providing an entire range of medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics and physician offices. We believe in winning the confidence of the customers by providing accurate and time bound services.

With a highly competitive medical assistance industry and the need to see more patients in a timely manner, Global MedData, Inc. has developed an efficient medical transcription lifecycle management system as well as the ability to integrate with existing record keeping systems.

Our medical transcription company is fully compliant with Data Protection and HIPAA. Our HIPAA and DPA-compliant medical transcription solutions leverage leading Internet technologies and the world’s most highly credentialed transcribers to provide easier, more secure, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services.

We provide a complete transcription service, starting with your dictation. Your dictation is uploaded through our secure online server. Your voice files are then prepared by our team of professional transcribers in one of our global processing centers and transformed into a document of your chosen format and template specific to your needs.

Our unique system allows documents to be populated within your record system, and will also generate all reports for checking.

So if you would like to have a free trial of our services, then please contact us at: https://www.globalmeddata.net/new/default.asp or email us at: info@globalmeddata.com

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