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Excellence FEA Modeling Simulation, FEA Engineering Analysis and Consulting Services

Outsource FEA Services is a leading FEA service provider firm that specialize in providing FEA analysis, FEA modeling, FEA consulting engineering and FEA analysis services with high quality and accuracy at cost effective rates. We offer a wide range of FEA services to solve the most complex engineering simulation problems for our customers.

For over 6+ years, we have performed FEA consulting engineering and analysis for numerous industries, including mechanical, civil, petrochemical, marine, transportation, energy, and manufacturing.

Our aim of providing FEA modeling is to optimize the product design and development process by reducing the number of physical prototypes manufactured, and time & cost-to-market.

Get more details at: http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/fea-modelling.php

Our team of FEA consulting engineers have highly experienced in various industries including power generation, biomedical, chemical equipment, electronics, automotive, and aerospace, to mention just a few. We regularly create 2D and 3D models to predict stress fields due to various loadings, as well as perform frequency and modal analysis, and heat transfer calculations.

We have expertise in the following areas:

•    Analysis of Mechanical and Electronic Products
•    Stress Analysis
•    Vibration Analysis
•    Fatigue and Life Estimations
•    Dynamics and Statics Analysis
•    Heat Transfer Analysis
•    Linear & Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
•    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
•    Seismic & Vibration Analysis
•    Thermal FEA Analysis

Using computer based simulation; we offer finite element analysis modelling for the most complex engineering problems. Our specialized finite element analysis modelling services is an outcome of our capabilities to handle design, development, analysis, and testing of any type of engineering component using the sophisticated software tools.

We have used software for FEA consulting engineering include  ANSYS, SolidWorks, Cosmos, Hyper Mesh, Nastran, CFX, LS Dyna.
Benefits of FEA Modeling Simulation include:

•    Guaranteed quality and accuracy
•    Quickest turnaround time in industry
•    Reduces capital costs of infrastructure
•    Attractive Advanced technology
•    Allows you to focus on core business
•    Increased product reliability by applying greater number of test cases
•    Increased confidence in a product’s performance
•    Less number of prototypes needed

Contact us to send requirements on Finite Element Analysis Services, FEA Modeling & Consulting and get a free quote for a Finite Element Analysis project.

If you have any query about FEA analysis, modeling and consulting services please contact us at

To get free quote please email us at info@outsourcefeaservices.com

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