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Customize & Decorate Your Facebook Profile with Personalised Layouts

FaceTheme is a new way to customise your Facebook page. It gives Facebook users the ability to add personalised pictures, graphics and layouts. Many pre-made designs and pictures are available and many use it to decorate their page with a favorite pop star for example.

If anyone was familiar with Myspace, we all know you could add more customisations graphics wise. With FaceTheme you can do just that using the simple free plugin

Be the first to surprise your friends and decorate your Facebook profile. Already thousands have started to take advantage of this new plugin.

Currently there is a huge range of themed pictures in which you can choose from. Installation is very simple. All you do is navigate through the layouts to choose from and hit select,  its as simple as that!

FaceTheme is currently free. If you are in the USA you can install it here

View the website below:


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