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Best Bets - Australia's Top Olympic Gold Medal Chances with Odds, Picks & Selections

Seven of Australia's best backed Gold Medal chances with the latest odds, an explanation why they are top picks, and a free interactive Olympic betting selections page.

While past success is no guarantee of future performance, short-priced Olympic favourites have a historically high strike rate in recent times.

So if you’re inclined to place a bet, while enjoying one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, here is a list of Australia’s top Olympic Gold medal chances with a summary of why they qualify as Best Bets:

Selection 1: James Magnussen is the ‘Aqua wonder from down Under’ and will be competing in the Men’s 100m Freestyle and 50m Freestyle swimming event.

He’s a short priced favourite for Olympic Gold as you can see by his Men’s 100 metre Freestyle odds, and second favourite in the 50m event.

Men’s 100m Freestyle fact: James Magnussen is the current 100-meter freestyle world champion, and holds the fourth fastest swim in the event’s history.

Selection 2: The Kookaburras (Men’s field hockey) are the favourites to win their Pool (A) which consists of Great Britain, Spain, Pakistan, Argentina and South Africa, as well as the Gold medal as you can see by the Men’s Olympic field hockey odds.

Men’s field hockey facts: The Kookaburras enter the Olympics as the top seed and first-ever to win the World Cup, Commonwealth Games and four Champions Trophies. Surely they should at least win their Pool?

Selection 3: Mitchell Watt is listed as the best chance to win an Olympic Gold, as you can see by the Men’s Long Jump odds.

Men’s Long Jump fact: So far Watt owns four of the five longest jumps in 2012.

Selection 4: The Australian men’s swim team are favourites to atone for 2008 and win an Olympic Gold, as you can see by the Men’s 4x100 Freestyle odds.

Men’s 4x100 Freestyle fact: James Magnussen and James Roberts are the two fastest 100m swimmers on the planet.

Selection 5: Sally Pearson is the short priced favourite to hoist an Olympic Gold medal, as you can see by the Women’s 100 metre Hurdle odds.

Women's 100 metre Hurdles fact: Sally Pearson produced the fourth fastest time in women’s Hurdle history (12.28sec) in capturing the world title last year. Her rivals would have to shave quite a bit off their personal bests to come close to that mark.

Selection 6: Tom Slingsby is the short priced favourite for an Olympic Gold medal, as you can see by the Men’s Laser Sailing odds

Men’s Laser Sailing fact: Slingsby is a five-time World Champion.

Selection 7Anna Meares is the favourite for an Olympic Gold, as you can see by the Women's individual cycling sprint odds

Women's individual sprint cycling fact: Anna Meares chief rival is Britain's Victoria Pendleton, who'll be competing in front of a legion of her fans. 

Selection 8: While not Australian, Usain Bolt is sure to gain a lot of Aussie support, given his frequent comparisons to the world’s highest rated sprinter in another sport- Black Caviar.

Usain Bolt is the short-priced favourite to win the 100m and 200m, where he’s likely to be pushed by countryman Yohan Blake, as you can see by the current Men’s 100 metre sprint odds.

Men’s Olympic sprint facts: Usain Bolt holds the World record and Olympic record in the 100 metres and 200 metres.

For more selections, visit the Punters Paradise 2012 Olympic picks forum, where knowledgeable fans will be discussing this year’s best bets.

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