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Author : Mark W Jenney
Five Myths About Online Businesses Exposed There are many common misconceptions about Internet-based businesses that can lead new entrepreneurs to acquiring harmful business habits from the word "go." Some think that they can do it all, as...
15/03/2010 |

Author : GlobalData
  The US, which currently operates the largest fleet of nuclear reactors, had more than 100 GW of installed nuclear capacity at the end of 2009, providing nearly 20% of the total power generated in the country. The Three Mile Island catastrophe...
03/03/2010 |

Author : Lousinda Peters - financialnewsgroup
“Okuma Group” – The current selloff in equities will present an excellent opportunity for investors. “Okuma Group”, the Asia-based asset manager, believes that investors who missed out on acquiring stocks in innovative and well...
26/02/2010 |


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