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Web Design The Principle of Contrast

In a web designing process, many things are given a higher value than others. To differentiate them visually they are provided different styles and colors. This difference is referred to as the contrast between them.

Contrast does not always mean simply using different polarity colors like black and white. It is having a visual difference between objects. Contrast can be of different types. There can be contrast between colors, text and graphic sizes, backgrounds, text alignment and placement.

Color contrast

There has to be a contrast between the text and the background colors. Using contrasting colors skillfully makes the web page look beautiful. The most commonly used contrasts are black and white, red and white or black, yellow and black, blue and white, etc. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of color contrasts that are being used in web design all over.

There can be high contrasts or lower ones. Highly contrasting objects have two opposite colors placed near each other, while objects with smaller contrasts have similar shades in their proximity.

The backgrounds used can be of different contrasting colors. Web Design India The header and the footer can be of darker colors, while the content part is lighter, easier to read and follow. Or, it may be just the opposite, depending on the overall design of the page.

Size matters!

As said earlier, contrast does not always mean that it has to be between colors. Font sizes also have contrast among them. The text that is to be highlighted can be given a high font size value, keeping the readable articles of smaller size. This is the perfect way to make the title of the document or the headings of the articles stand out.

There can also be contrast between fonts in the content of the web page. Different types of fonts can be used to differentiate content sections and articles.

Left, right or center

The placement and the alignment also matters. Some text is aligned to the left, while some is kept in the centered.Not to be much used, text alignment contrast has to be managed well otherwise creates a mix up of the content, confusing the reader. It should be noted that large paragraphs should not be in the center of the pages as they are difficult to read.

Contrasting is unlimited; use your imagination and creativity to create new and beautiful contrasts. The contrast has to be blended cleverly and creatively otherwise it may reverse the effect. Typographic contrasts too have to be well planned and managed. Alignment contrasts should not be used frequently. With time and practice one can be able to create beautiful contrasts between objects.

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