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Leveraging the Google+ Platform as a SEO Tool

The search engine giant- Google is concentrating on making Google+ one of the most popular social channel. Google+ gives a tough competition to other social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. Google products such as Gmail, Google search, Google Analytics are integrated with Google+ to keep a track of people, businesses, and their products. This sort of an integration will enable Google to have access to information like how popular your business is on the social front, which will influence Google's decision on placing the content in its search results.

Definitely Google being the top-notch search engine, it wants to have the best results displayed on its Google search, inspite of increased SEO services. Google believes in quality content and brings new methods of rewarding high-quality content sites. Google therefore, ranks good quality content that is shared on the Google+ platform. Businesses need to leverage this platform like any other social media marketing tool for brand building and customer interaction.

Here are a few tips of how businesses can utilize the Google+ platform for SEO -

  • Rel=Author links: Google+ offers rel=author links wherein, content is associated with the its specific authors who created it. It connects the company's website with the Google+ profile in search results. The only requirement Google holds is that companies post content that is relevant and useful to the masses. In such cases, it rates those sites well on its search results. Rel=author links will enable Google to differentiate between those authors who write relevant content from those that do not.
  • Google+1s: +1s are a signal to Google indicating the popularity of a site. Those content that receive +1 tags frequently is rated by the search engine as a knowledgeable site and so, gives a higher rating to such websites. For personalized search, this content obtain higher rankings.
  • Connectivity: Google+ is a forum that encourages interaction with people. For a business, it is important to build more connections adding to brand image. Increased no. of connections helps to get higher rankings for the content in search results esp. personalized search. Google+ offers search tools to get in touch with known and good contacts.

Google+ is primarily a social networking channel but business can successfully exploit it as a popular SEO tool. Google+ is sure to find increased involvement by large and small enterprises alike as SEO is a top priority for all owners. SEO service providers need to comprehend and exploit this tool for marketing and gaining more business. Google+ has a long way to go and it has a bright future ahead.

Softweb Solutions is a Chicago based company providing Search Engine Optimization services. As a SEO service provider, we have incorporated the Google+ platform for client SEO. For more details on SEO services contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com

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