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Chief Components of any SEO Strategy

One of the most important marketing strategies is Search Engine Optimization for online retailers and marketers to build a successful internet business.

SEO is a process of tailoring any website to the search engine algorithms. Algorithms are framed by search engines for ranking a website. But, search engine algorithms keep on changing with time, for example, Google recently got updated with Panda. These regular changes are important so that marketers doesn't get a perfect idea of the algorithm and use Black hat SEO practices to get better rankings for their websites.

With recent updates made by Google and other search engines, below are five most important components of SEO that marketers should know for getting successful in their SEO campaigns.

1] Keywords

The first and foremost step for a SEO strategy is – to research for keywords. The keywords selected should be those what people are searching for when discovering their business in a search engine. After selecting potential keywords, marketers should see how the competition looks by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If some keywords are too competitive, marketers can opt for longer keywords [between two to five words]. This makes easy for ranking them higher as the competition for the whole phrase is less than that of single or two words. Always remember that the density and proximity of the keywords also matters alot in getting search engine rankings.

2] Website Content

Search engines need good, understandable and precise content that is written thinking fromconsidering the reader point of view. The website content plays a very important role for doing SEO of a business website. The content should be relevant to the keywords for getting magnificent output.

3] Backlinks

Marketers say – If content is king than backlink is queen. The important thing is which website has maximum backlinks pointing back to itself. “Building maximum backlinks by submissions and thus, creating the best product/service website” is the best strategy of effective SEO campaign. By adding graphics and newsworthy content, bloggers and news websites will be influenced more to link that content with their sites.

4] Social Media

Since the launch and popularity of different social media platforms, the search engine algorithms have changed drastically. Some of the features present on social networks are very useful for marketers and so, it is advisable to establish a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and others.

5] Activity

Activities that improves the SEO ranking of the site is totally based on how much interaction is being done by the website. Activity was included as the component of SEO in last couple of years. These activities include – Facebook likes, Facebook share, Tweets to friends, article posting on social bookmarking sites, commenting on blogs or forums or social networks, and much more. The more activity is done on the website, the higher is the ranking of the site on search engines.

Consider hiring a good professional SEO Specialist or a Company providing effective SEO services because they are better trained of handling the continuous changing trends in the SEO strategies and search engine algorithms.

Softweb Solutions provides Professional SEO and SMM Services helping your business to reach out to diverse customers. During our SEO and SMM campaigns, we make sure that we deliver updated and innovative content so as to achieve targeted audience successfully. To know more about our work and strategies, contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com.

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