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A Smart Tool for Business Lead Generation: Google+

Google+ is the most popular social media platform with plenty of users all around the globe. Businesses can effectively leverage this platform for generating business leads and promoting the business online. Social media marketing is the latest trend for popularizing the business through the various social channels.

Google suggests that regular and original content updates on the Google+ business page can work wonders in lead generation. The point is to grab the attention of the readers with the latest interesting update and direct them to the official website where they can convert into actual buyers for the company. Readers like to read content that has an attractive presentation and that which caters to their interest. While developing content it is necessary to consider the needs and wants of the target audience. Blog posts can be closely scrutinized to know the preferences of the audience and those posts can be promoted on Google+ platform for more web traffic.

Content creation may not always be a simple task but there are different ways to make it an attractive option. Here are the best practices to develop interesting content for your Google+ business page and increase leads -

  1. Frequent Updates: Creating a Google+ business page and visiting it once in a while will not fulfill business objectives. It is important to post regularly (say once a day) according to user preferences. Posting a lot of content in two days and then, not uploading posts for another three days is not a systematic way to market on the Google+ platform. Social media marketing works well when good content is published regularly and frequently.
  2. Visual appeal: Content creation does not complete the work of marketing. It needs to be accompanied by attractive visuals - graphics or videos which results in maximum lead generation. An image communicates more than plain words, so the use of graphics whenever possible will give the visitors a reason to stick to your page.
  3. For better results, images can be linked to your official website to ensure the reader visits the company's site. Clubbing links to the graphics will make the Google+ users to click on the link and visit the official website.
  4. Generate Discussions: Rich content leads to discussions among user groups. Getting your visitors to participate in discussions engages the audience in an interesting fashion and give them reasons to keep coming back to the page. Your communication across different social channels should have a similar air of professionalism, one that communicates the company's identity. This will portray a good image for the company and keep it in good stead.

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