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Xeno gets a brand new server: Ultima

Colonize distant worlds in space with Xeno, the free browser game! Developer Evolution Vault announced today the launch of a new server for their online strategy game.

February 25, 2010 – Evolution Vault, developer of online strategy games Xeno and the free browser game Asgard Heroes, announced today the release of a new server for Xeno. The decision was taken after reaching the milestone of 10,000 registered players on the primary server.

"It has been an year of great success, the developer said, and we owe everything to the community". Walking the tracks of Asgard Heroes, "Xeno: Ultima" brings innovation to the table, but also brings the pace down a little bit with limited building and attack queues. You will see a lot of balancing, gameplay improvements and more differences between races. "Like always, we value player feedback and we do put a lot of thought into constantly adding new features to our online strategy games", the developer added.

Xeno: Online Strategy Games

Xeno features a world with thousands of players fighting for supremacy. One begins the game acting as a Commander of a tiny basestar and rises to become the Supreme Ruler of this galaxy. Well, not this one, but anyway... Two species are fighting for galactic domination: the Sargon, the mightiest nation in the known universe and the Terrans, descendants of the twelve (or maybe more) colonies. If you're one of those people who still enjoy playing online strategy games in their browsers, Xeno will give you just that. Try it now and get a taste of what is like to be a galactic warlord!

- No downloads are necessary; this online strategy game is free to play, forever;
- Forge alliances, trade, attack and invade the weak, spy on your neighbor's colony;
- Control thousands of space ships online, from small fighters to mighty Battlecruisers;
- Play whenever you want (the game progresses even when you are not at work);
- Choose one side and build your space colony from the basics to its fullest potential.

- http://www.supremestrategy.com/img/screens/xeno-ultima-space-browser-game-screenshot-1.jpg
- http://www.supremestrategy.com/img/screens/xeno-ultima-space-browser-game-screenshot-2.jpg

To register and find out more about Xeno, we encourage you to follow the link: www.SupremeStrategy.com

Evolution Vault was established in October 2005 as an independent developer of online strategy games. The company is well known for its online space games. Today, Evolution Vault is expanding its territory towards free online strategy games with Xeno and Asgard Heroes, while striving to provide a consistent and fun browser game environment for players worldwide.

Radu Soldan, CEO
E-mail: business@evolutionvault.com
Telephone: (0040) 722394533
Website: www.EvolutionVault.com


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