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Visiting Tibidabo Amusement Park while staying in Barcelona Apartments

The Tibidabo amusement park is definitely on of the most famous tourist attractions in Barcelona. The Tibidabo amusement park is located at the top of Collserola mountain, and it is probably one of the top 10 things to do in Barcelona. Tibidabo rests high above the city of Barcelona, and seems to have played a role in the city’s life for quite some time.

To access Tibidabo, you take a funicular (inclined railway) all the way up to the top of a mountain overlooking Barcelona. The rides are a mix of modern and traditional styles, with the headlining attraction being the plane from 1928 that circles high above the park using its own propeller. Choosing Apartments in Barcelona, you will definitely enjoy your days to the fullest. You can go, for instance, to the mountain Tibidabo. From your hotel in Barcelona, you can get to Tibidabo by metro very easy. Even the drive will be a special adventure for the whole family. You have to take the metro L7 and descend at the final station, and then you have to change to the old blue tram which was by the way the only one in whole Barcelona for a long time. After that a rack railway will bring you up the final meters to the mountain.

On top of the Tibidabo mountain you'll uncover the Parc d'Atracciones Tibidabo Delight National park doing so old park is already 100 many years old but still active. Not only could you uncover the amusement park, but also an spectacular view over Barcelona from the west towards the sea. At evening you see clearly the church, that light up at evening. This church is called `Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor and situated on top of the Tibidabo next to the park. Tibidabo also has a wonderful assortment of old classic world rides and new rides that makes doing so a wonderful day out for loved ones and visitors. The amusement park has often been a well-known park in Barcelona, but lately it became world well-known once it is employed as a area in the film from `Woody Allen `Vicky Christina Barcelona. The modern roller coaster is called `La Montaa Rusa the Russian mountain. This roller coaster is 718m lengthy and her maximum direct is 522m it could travel a pace of 80 km per hour. If you dare to open up the eyes you could see a spectacular view over Barcelona.

With its 529 meters the Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona and from there you will have a gorgeous view about the city and you can even see Montserrat.
If you are finally there a lot of attraction will wait for you. On the mountain there is an old adventure park with a big wheel, rollercoaster and chair plane and a lot of other attractions. So you could enjoy the view and have some fun. For those who are not into action they can visit the curch Sagrada Corazn which has been built after the ideal of the French sacre- couer. The third attraction is an observation deck - the Torre de Colserolla. The television tower, which is on this platform, was built due to the Olympic Games in 1992 and which is 268 meters high. So during your stay, you should visit this place because it is really worth it. It is an attraction for everyone and it doesnt matter if you like action or just like to enjoy the view.

On the sixteenth of June 1900 the work commenced on generating the amusement park on Tibidabo. They started with a Tram (have any idea as the popularly Purple Tram) and a funicular railway. At the same time these folks persisted working as a yards and architecture of the creating and terraces. On the twenty-ninth of October 1901 the park was officially opened. That very same year the initially entertainment actions got here to the park. Rest in Barcelona Apartments with Terrace and get pleasure from the Traditional rides, amusement park and the spectacular view on Tibidabo. From the own house in Barcelona there is many great transport to the top of the Mountain. It is easy to take the metro or the bus, with doing so transport you could blow past by the beautiful Parc Guell. Once the park is opened there is a shuttle bus from Plaza Catalua.

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