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Virtual World 'Avatar Makers' to Create Avatars for Facebook & Twitter on Rise

According to a recent report that can be viewed on Wikipedia virtual worlds are on the increase at a rate of 15% every month. The growth seems to be continuous and not stopping in the near future.

Virtual worlds are combined with complex avatar makers to produce an online community using a computer simulated environment.

To support these growing trends a range of free avatar makers have been developed to create characters and explore these computerized worlds.

A simple yet effective avatar maker is Create My Picture. Its a Flash based avatar generator to create avatars. You can design a simple yet effective quality avatar of yourself for popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want something a little more complex you can engage in virtual worlds. One of the biggest and most proffered is called IMVU. You can join up free but there are many more ad-ons and certain payment features to upgrade your virtual world further. Some become obsessed by virtual worlds, so much they almost become detached from the real world.

You can design a free avatar at Create My Picture, where you can also access IMVU

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