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Outsourcing Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Custom Injection Molding Services

Mold Design Outsourcing is a leading Injection molding service provider company in india. We provide high quality and cost effective thermoplastic injection molding services to produce a wide variety of components, machines, panels, polymers and resins to our clients to the nationwide.

We have high skilled and expert team of mold design engineers that have many years experienced in mold engineering industries. We use software for mold design services such as Unigraphics and Pro-E, we work things out for your maximum benefits. We have an unmatchable speed of turn-around times.

Find more details at http://www.molddesignoutsourcing.com/thermoplastic-injection-molding.php

We provide Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services include:

•    Air Conditioning
•    Wiring cables of all sorts
•    Automation
•    Packaging for everything
•    Pathological Laboratories
•    Ship and Boat parts
•    Households
•    Aircraft parts
•    Automobile Industry
•    Industrial Equipment/Containers
•    Furniture
•    Majority of Electrical components

Why Outsource Thermoplastic Injection Molding to us?

•    Increased production rates
•    Decreased labor costs
•    Repeatable tight tolerances
•    Increased range of materials
•    Reduced scrap loss
•    Minimized finishing

If you have any query about thermoplastic injection molding services, please feel free to contact us at http://www.molddesignoutsourcing.com/contactus.php

To get FREE custom quote, please email us at info@molddesignoutsoutcing.com

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