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Lancashire Forklift Truck Hire Service Expands

www.pendleforklifts.co.uk – A Lancashire based forklift truck distributor and hire service has recently expanded to cater for an increase in demand in the local area. Since the company expanded its forklift hire service spanning as far as Manchester and Leeds covering over a 100 mile radius the company has taken on new employees.


Pendle forklifts are reporting an all time high in business in and around their local are. It seems that more people are requiring various types of lifting equipment to operate their businesses. Although many people are complaining about the economic downturn and recession, it seems businesses are becoming ever busier. Perhaps more people are working more and encouraging business to over come this.


In many cases lifting equipment like forklift trucks become an integral part of most industries. From small one man band companies to large warehouses forklifts are usually present, playing an important role. In many cases companies cannot operate without such equipment.


Obviously one needs a reliable forklift truck service to deal with, people naturally choose a professional establishment with the experience to cater for there needs. A company like Pendle Forklifts are a good example. A local based firm who have been established many years can who can deal with any forklift related issue.


Although there are many forklift services around, businesses like to deal with a local company as quick phone call would have an engineer available on the spot. It would be unrealistic having a service engineer travelling 500 miles to their destination.


Some services like parts and forklift truck sales can be more national. Parts can be mailed and a forklift sale is more of a one time deal. If you require forklift parts, sales or hire services in the Lancashire area visit www.pendleforklifts.co.uk

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