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Kayblowers - Impact On Growth Of The Economy

Delhi, Dl, April 7, 2011, every step of growth at Kay Blowers is the growth of economy at large. Contributing tremendously to industrial growth, Kayblowers has secured an effective place in the economy.

Kayblowers backed up an export order for truck mounted blowers from CANADA & SAUDI ARABIA. Kayblowers also procured Tri lobe blower order - Kolkatta worth 1.76 cores. Another order from M/s DUCON TECHNOLOGY I.P. LTD-MUMBAI for 98 lacks. It successfully increased the production facilities by double and catered to timely deliverance of the orders that it procured.

Kayblowers offers wide range of blowers, root blowers, gas blowers and industrial blowers. It also shared the clientele information stating the various industries that they have served so far. Steel, cement, petro chemicals, aluminum, gas plants, bio gas, petro chemical and paper industry are few of them. Further detailed information is available on their Website.

‘In an industry full of competition, the ultimate winner will be the one who maintains the quality and not the price,’ says Kapil Arora, Director of Kay International. As a blower manufacturer they have been successful in providing cost effective and superior quality air blowers, truck blowers, gas blowers and many others.

Their wide chain of marketing offices stretch across the country in business centers like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, and Durg. They are highly trained and equipped; they recommend and deliver the correct air blower system to your facility.

Blowers, Blowers Manufacturers, Roots Blowers, Gas Blower, Truck Blowers, Rotary Blowers, Truck Mounted Blowers, Air Blower System, Industrial Blowers and Air Blower are few areas of Kay blower’s expertise.

Head Office
205-206 Lusa Tower,
Azadpur Commercial Complex,
Delhi - 110 033
Phone : +91-11-27671851 / 27679052 Fax : +91-11-27674703

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