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Growing Free Classified Ad Website Expands Categories

Listaboo - A popular free classified ad website has recently made several changes to encourage a wider audience to advertise with them. The busy classifieds site which offers a worldwide opportunity to post free adverts now caters for people who wish to post images and advertise events and gigs.

With adverts constantly updating and changing, Listaboo is emerging as one of the leading classified ad sites. Keeping a simple yet effective and user friendly appearance is part of Listaboo's theory to serve the public in a professional and effective manor.

Because of the weight and influence the website has gained, any classified advert that is posted becomes instantly visible in search engines, this offers users the best chance to reach out and advertise their products/services to the end user. Listings are found both from search engine traffic and direct visitors who browse the site.

Search engines such as Google, are becoming more friendlier to websites which provide real time and up to date information. New changes to search algorithm mean that websites such as Listaboo become more powerful, this is because they are providing up to date and useful posts and listings, which are probably unique too.

There is also a general increased use and turn of trend towards the internet. Large use of social networking sites like Facebook means more people start browsing for other products online. In a nutshell, people feel more comfortable buying, selling and trading various services through the internet.

These new changes to Listaboo means that users can add images to listings. Also several new categories have been introduced, as well as an increased use of the site for events and gigs have been reported.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 31 January 2012 07:55 )  

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