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Forklift Truck Hire or Buy – Which is Right for You?

A question which many businesses ask is whether they should buy or hire equipment. In this case we are using a forklift truck as an example but it could apply to anything. The decision would depend on many factors, plus there are pro's and cons to both.


Many people like to hire equipment because they don't need to shell out large amounts of money. A forklift truck hire agreement could be put together from a local dealer and it may include extra benefits like servicing and other repair costs. A company which uses a forklift truck on a regular daily basis would need a reliable truck with maintenance services available.


On the other hand some businesses may not want to commit to a contract agreement. Perhaps they don't use the truck often, or are on a limited budget. In this case buying a forklift truck could be a more attractive option. For instance you could contact a local forklift truck dealer like Pendle Forklifts and they may be able to supply a second hand forklift truck.


Although buying a second hand truck maybe cheaper, it could cause you extra costs if the truck was to break down etc, so one must weigh up these options, plus you would have to stand any repair costs


Most modern forklift trucks are quite reliable these days though, especially if you use makes like Doosan, Toyota etc. Most forklift dealers only deal with reputable names. Pendle Forklifts deal with the higher end of the market. If they are sending out a new truck on hire they want to make sure they provide reliable equipment.


Many businesses prefer to deal with local firms when it comes to hiring or buying equipment. This is especially important when a company requires regular maintenance, they need someone they can call out in an emergency.

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